Friday, February 28, 2003

Grand Central Observations

The vaulted ceiling of G.C.
Hold the starts in a turquoise embrace.
Aquarius through Cancer
Grace the man-made firmament.

Although of a limited nature,
As compared to limitless night,
The saccharine starts above still dwarf
The giant American standard.

Walkways behind and between glass
Are discovered when a worker walks it;
A mundane addition to the
G.C. observation.

The milling movement of many
Remind me of ants near their hill.
Occasionally one sees a red jacket or green
In amongst the black drab.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Removed from Light on Wall Street and Front

Light streams from the North
With shadow all around.
Courtesy of a skyscraper.

The Old Blarney tenement
Stands as time's testament
To this City's history.

An anonymous tower
Shades fur-wearing women
Trudging back to their work.

This part of the city is removed
From sunshine and light
But for brief building reflections.

Tantalizingly close,
Where Wall Street ends
Lies the sunny river.

So far, though from the hearts
Of the people walking here
That it may as well be
Martian ice?

Monday, February 10, 2003

Greening of S.T. Dana

Gazing out the lab window
Across the gap
And through the other window
Sits Wendy.
Through emptiness
Of that cool gat
That filters downward light
Sit desks in offices.
An empty courtyard
Has become grown over
With soaring infrastructure
Of our second nature.
Back to airy naturalness
Of geen plant-filled gaps,
Soft corners of comfort,
And another tamed wilderness.
-- Can we, dare we, ever return?