Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My vote was cast at 9:50AM (or there abouts). Although there were many state positions up for election, I did not end up voting for all of them. I decided that I would not vote for races where there was only the maximum number of candidates up for the vote. Unfortunately, this meant that I didn't vote for five or so races, but I have found out that I am personally opposed to a person running unopposed. (Unfortunately, there was no option for R.O.N. - Re-Open Nominations.)

It is raining today. One hopes that this does not unduly affect election turnout.

I have just come into work, and found out that I am one of only two people here. Since the IFR is part of the Michigan DNR (and the majority of people here are state employees), no one is here, since all state employees are given this day off to go vote. I approve of this practice, and feel that there should be some way for the state to allow this to happen for all citizens. I was discussing this with the other person here - Tom - and came up with the idea that it would be grand if private business was not allowed to take punitive actions against a person who could provide standard proof that he/she was out voting on election day. (Of course, this raises the question of what immigrant workers would have to do on election day...)

Finally, I watched the History Channel's program on Carthage. I didn't know that the city of Carthage was so greatly fortified. The show was a great one, and I hope to see the one next week about the Maya.