Monday, January 19, 2004

19 Jan 2004

We just got back to Gomti Guest House after buying the tickets. That was an adventure. First, we had to finalize the schedule and get the total ticket price. Then we had to go to a bank in order obtain the rupees to pay the tickets. The main station is something else. Situated opposite one of the bazaars, the area attracts thousands of people. And hundreds of autorickshas. The station itself is crowded with all types of huanity, and the smell of humanity and fuel and excrement all mixed together. The bank was located at platform 12, and to get there we needed to purchase a platform ticket. There was the long march to platform 12 from platform 1. The train station is laid out much like the rail yards of the UK, but with a much grander scale. We did get the money changed, and walked back to the ticket office. To and from the ticket office was done by autoricksha. That was quit fun as well. The driving in India seems to be "go where you can and honk your horn constantly." My ears are ringing slightly. I got a few photos of the trips over and back. Now, we are off to purchase lunch and some on-the-road supplies for our trip to Haridwar.

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