Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cutting down the old elm tree

The elm tree that stood just outside the Dana Building's Diag-side entrance is no longer there. After having one of its major branches lopped off last year, the grounds staff have decided that it could not be saved, and so toppled it this afternoon.

A tree will not be planted there until the fall. Hopefully it will not be another maple or oak (as there are plenty around the campus already). The UM forester I talked with made a mention about some disease-resistant elm trees that are being cultivated, but the Diag planting design was not his jurisdiction.

Although I am not a "plant" person, it is still sad to think that there will be a large gaping hole in the Diag's "canopy" near the Dana Building. Hopefully Prof Moore will not have too many issues with glare as the summer progresses.

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