Thursday, August 31, 2006

How did you get here? Help me figure this one out.

It appears that I'm getting a lot of traffic to this page (I'm writing this on Jan 11, 2010), but I can't figure out why. Could you please leave a comment below indicating what search brought you here? It's really a puzzle to me.



Anonymous said...

Hello :)
My search about Sistine Chapel brought me here.

BedBug History Man said...

i searched sisteen chapel to show my 5 year old son some pics of it and i clicked on the image result on the google serp cahe of the page. Here's my site to look at and a link too. Now you can take a look at my site and I'll know how YOU got there. Even Michelangelo needed to get rid of BedBugs way back when, when he painted his masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.