Monday, January 05, 2009

Moved in to Saginaw Forest

I'm "all moved in" to Saginaw Forest caretaker cottage. The quotes indicate that "in-between" stage of moving in: still have some things that I want to do with the place, and some things that I have to unpack.

I'm also thinking about building a major wall-unit on the south-wall of the house - partially for storage, partially for insulation. This wall-unit would have shelves above a section for my futons - which would be either on the floor (as they are currently), or on a small riser. Behind the back-support board, I think I'll put in some storage for larger things - linens, pillows, etc. - for when I have a guest over (so they can easily use the futon).

The wall-unit would allow for me to customize the height of the shelves for DVDs, CDs, hardcover fiction books, paperbacks, folders, etc. to maximize the amount of storage possible.

As for insulation, I'm thinking that it would be nice to back the shelves with some sort of foam, but I'm worried about possible condensation between the wall and the insulation. Maybe I don't need to be, but I just am... If it will be a problem, then I won't do it, and just satisfy myself with the shelving unit.

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FBK said...

Dude, so you're really like... Hagrid now?!
Cool... we really have to pop by soon...