Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Newly paved section of Liberty Road

The stretch of Liberty Road which had no hard shoulder/bike lane has now been re-paved to be wider.

August 23, 2010:
Traffic back-up
Lots of work backing up the traffic all the way up to Wagner Road.

Repaving (and widening) Liberty Road
The road is getting torn up for laying new pavement later. The road is now down to a single lane. Unfortunately (for all the drivers on the road), there was no sign of detour signs at Wagner/Liberty (nor did there appear to be one on Maple/Liberty, either).

August 24, 2010:
Newly paved road
The newly paved road. The lines still need to be painted, but at least it should now have a hard shoulder/bike lane that goes all the way from the Liberty Road bride over I-94 all the way to Wagner road (and in fact that hard shoulder/bike lane goes all the way to Zeeb Road, after which Liberty Road becomes gravel).

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Anonymous said...

so moving, day by day, to SEE time passing by, and the city changing, and the memory of the past fading...