Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving Beyond the Automobile

In a series of ten short videos, StreetFilms has put together a collection of public work projects in cities that help move their populaces away from relying on cars. (True, most of the filming takes place in NYC, but although NYC is a common theme in StreetFilms' videos, there are plenty of other cities that are investigated as well.)

Examinations of the urban environment is an important (and ought to be integral) part of what it means to investigate "the environment." StreetFilms' various series on sustainable transportation and re-claiming the streets speak to a portion of that realization.

Part 1: Transit-Oriented Development

Part 2: Bycling

Part 3: Car Sharing

Part 4: Bus Rapid Transit

Part 5: Congestion Pricing

Part 6: Highway Removal

Part 7: Traffic Calming

Part 8: "Road Diet"

Part 9: The Right Price for Parking

Part 10: Parking Reform

One thing that you can do to show (during the summer) how much you don't rely on your car (if you one one in the first place) is to go to 2MileChallenge, join a team, and log your biking miles and challenge others to do the same!

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