Friday, August 26, 2011

How do most people seem to find this blog?

According to the Sitemeter tracker and the Blogger tracker, most people who come to my site find it by doing a search for "unit conversion" or "conversion table" or something similar. A number of years ago, I had written about a fun site that does unit conversions from standard units into more fun units. So, for example, you could know how far 500 miles was in units of "Great Walls of China" or you could find out how wide 5 feet in terms of CD cases, etc.

For some reason, though, out of the past 100 page views, Sitemeter shows that the page about unit conversions had 53 initial hits, with the next greatest being the archive page that has the entry about unit conversions at 31 initial hits. So, 84 out of the past 100 hits to my site have been related to unit conversions... Furthermore, according to the Blogger stats for the site, out of the 26,429 hits recorded since July 2009, 7177 of them have been to the unit conversions page (and over the past 24 hours, 123 of the ~300 hits have been to that page). This is kind of interesting, because there are definitely better sites that have to do with unit conversion, so why are people coming to this one? What is the logic behind Google putting my blog at a high enough level for people to click through to it so often?


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