Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indian government agrees to pursue Google and Facebook censorship

To continue with a theme that started in December - India to ban "offensive material" from the Internet - PhysOrg presents the next stage of the farce that now seems evermore likely to happen: India is going to try to censor offensive material from the Internet:
India's government authorised on Friday the prosecution of 21 Internet firms including Facebook and Google in a case over obscene content posted online, two sources told AFP.

The approval could lead to company directors being called to a trial court in New Delhi to answer serious charges such as fomenting religious hatred and spreading social discord, an official and a lawyer said.

A criminal case against the companies was first brought by journalist Vinay Rai who complained that the websites were responsible for obscene and offensive material posted by users.

He also complained that they had broken laws designed to maintain religious harmony in India, a more serious offensive that requires government approval to be admitted in court.
Why do I have to change in order to maintain religious harmony in India? How is it the fault of Facebook if someone in another country decides to post something that someone in India finds religiously offensive? Similarly, how is it the fault of Google if their search engine finds something that someone in India finds religiously offensive?

Or you can do the sane thing and recognize that if people are stupid and want to say stupid things then let them be stupid and don't listen to them. Teach your followers to learn how to recognize the stupid people and the stupid things that they say. You know: indoctrinate them.

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