Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ann Arbor Book Festival

The Ann Arbor Book Festival going on in town, and I purchased the book on Ann Arbor's fairy doors for Sabrina. I could have also purchased several books that would go onto the "I'll get around to reading it eventually" area of my shelves, all new for $5, but thought better of it. I did look at almost all the books that were on sale, including the Hare Krishna book stall, the Christian book stall, the Buddhist book stall, and (of course) the graphic novel book stall.

There were authors that were trying (with differing levels of insistence) to get you to buy their books. There were also people selling very expensive food to passersby. (I think the only people who purchased it were the people who didn't want to walk down the street - say 100 m - to the shops and restaurants on State Street to get food there.) In all, I didn't get a whole lot of academic work done...

On my way home, I saw this view of what it means to live in a town dominated by a university (and its commuters). Luckily, these houses back up onto a blank wall. There are some apartment buildings that abut a different structure that is open on all sides, meaning that headlights shine into bedroom windows.
That lovely "small town" feel of Ann Arbor.

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