Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ciao to Ted and Jennifer as they go off for African research.

Last night was a farewell bbq for Ted L. and Jennifer J. as they go off to do their research on Lake Victoria and water sharing, and stuff. I would post photos of the event, but my camera was dropped and its LCD screen is kaput. (Darn.)

However, the bbq was well-attended, and many people brought good and scrumptious foods as well. I got to catch up with old friends and colleagues that I hadn't had a chance to really talk to for a few years, and got to chat with a bunch of new people.

Yesterday, Mike's lab group did a brief poster session showcasing what each person will be doing for their dissertation work. Four of Mike's students weren't there, but we still had a large number of PhD students talking about their work. (It's amazing that we all work with Mike, and we all look at different things on related topics. Well, maybe not terribly amazing, but interesting nonetheless.)

Forecast for today: hotter than I would prefer. (But it is summer, after all.)

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