Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking Home

Today, I decided to take some photos of houses and streetscapes I see on my way home from Dana. I've decided to only state the rough location of the houses. Enjoy the photos (and maybe decide that you can - or don't need to - be jealous of my 'commute').

The Horace Rackham Graduate School
(Current construction site of N. Quad on the left of the building)

A house on State Street
(In a city of deciduous trees, this one - with only conifers - stands out.)

An older style of brick apartment on State St.

St. Thomas's Catholic church on Kingsley St.

A nicely appointed house on Kingsley St.

A nice purple house on Kingsley St.

Detroit St and Kingsley St
(Zingerman's Deli and Zingerman's Next Door on the left)

Narrow house on 4th Ave.

A colorful green house on Fourth Ave.


Anonymous said...

nice houses!

Anonymous said...

Ann Arbor is too cute. I love each part of this city!!!!!