Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I've been feeling under the weather recently: moody, withdrawn, and tired. True, I've been recovering from a cold of some sort; the type I always seem to get when it's getting near to the New Year. However, I have also not been heating as healthily as I could and should - I mean, I'm 30 for heaven's sake, what am I doing still eating like I'm 18? - and with the recent heavy snow and rain, I haven't been cycling to-and-from home (nor around Argo Pond). Part of my lethargy is - at least the romantic part of my mind insists it is - likely due to not being near the sea. The smell of salt air, the feel of the stiff breeze, and the call of sea birds are a combination of sensory inputs that I remember as being invigorating. However, since an extended trip to such a place whenever I'm feeling lethargic is not likely to happen, I must work off some of that lethargy through good old motion and sweat.

To that end, I've enrolled in four (buy three get the fourth free) courses with the University's U-Move fitness program. Two are "cardio" classes, one is a mix of cardio and weights, and the last one is yoga. (As a tangent topic, the yoga mat I purchased was an orange one, and I've decided that orange is a color that I like. I already have orange shirts, with an orange winter coat on the way. Why not, therefore, have an orange yoga mat?) Hopefully, these classes banish my lethargy while simultaneously reviving my desire to exercise at the Central Campus Rec Building (which is not the most uplifting of places to work out - think "breeze block building").

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