Saturday, January 26, 2008

More photos later.

Everyone - I'm sorry that I've not been posting photos recently. Trust me, I've been taking them! But, I've also been a slacker recently when it comes to uploading photos. (Crazy, I know.) However, once I get around to it, there will be photos of:
  • My crazy new hair.
  • Winter in Ann Arbor.
In the mean-time, you can check out some of the blogs and websites that I've been reading in the past couple of days:
  • 24FightingChickens - A ruthlessly honest portrayal of martial arts practice and practitioners (specifically Shotokan Karate).
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars - A daily-updated blog on Scienceblogs that discusses domestic (usually political) issues from a POV I generally agree with (since Brayton tends toward the devastating employment of consistent logic).
  • Treehugger - An article-submission site that includes all topics "enviro-friendly" (thus the name). Nice thing is that it is constantly updated.
Other than that, I've got to start really sitting down and writing out the second and third sections of my research proposal, complete an online Institutional Review Board (IRB) application to do social research, read up on water law in Michigan (for a possible Michigan Law Review article), re-edit my paper on river habitat impacts due to groundwater pumping, revise my Master's thesis (finally) into three (or four) different papers for publication, and figure out how to best represent the collate-able data for the English Language Institute. (At least I don't have paper grading to do on top of all of this other stuff.)

As you can see, I have a few things on my plate right now. Of course, I just got an invitation to a German-style Karnival celebration next weekend (a little early for Carnival, but having it on a Saturday helps, I suppose; plus I'm not Catholic, at least), so there is an additional requirement for me to figure out what I will dress up as (assuming that I go). I also thought that I might offer cooking up some pancakes for a Shrove Tuesday celebration for the ELI (or maybe not if I can't find someone who can lend me an electric griddle before I propose this to the ELI administrators). Alternatively, there is the option of doing a Shrove "Tuesday" breakfast at my house on the Sunday prior... Logistically much simpler, methinks.

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