Friday, March 21, 2008

Photos from the end of winter/start of spring

For your pleasure, I tried to put a few photos together of what's happening around Ann Arbor as it slowly comes out from one of the wettest winters (in terms of total precipitation - not accumulation) in several years. Coming into spring, the snow and ice start to melt, humidity increases, and students start to feed the "wildlife."

Ducks swimming in the slowly-warming waters of the Huron River just downstream of the Argo canoe livery.

Fog lightly envelops the Diag. All the damp in the air started to condensate as nighttime temperatures dropped below dew point.

Students provide handouts to squirrels. (Notice the two students with cameras poised to provide their own private "paparazzi moment". I wonder if the squirrel can stand to be in the spotlight of so much attention!)

Sometimes I like to try and find views of Ann Arbor that make it look more like a proper city. I found this one when taking photos from atop a parking structure. The proximity of so many brick buildings, with the duct work snaking downward into alleyways made the shot look more "urban" than one might otherwise expect Ann Arbor to be.

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