Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day in Cork Town

Yesterday, I went to Cork Town for St. Patric's Day. I'd never been before. I'm likely to go again, though. What a blast! Here are some photos of the trip.

Having never driven to Cork Town, it was a little difficult to actually know if where we were going was the right way to go. (There's a lot of construction around the "Bridge to Canada". All the construction tried to funnel people not in-the-know into Canada, rather than where one might otherwise want to go. Eventually, though, we realized we were in the right area.)

The minor festivities by the descendants of those Irish immigrants who settled in the neighborhood of Detroit which came to be known as "Cork Town". (As well as the people who want to just wear green, drink beer, and enjoy the company of throngs of people.)

The old train terminus station. Unfortunately, the only thing that's left of it is the shell of the building. Even the windows are broken.

Walking down Michigan Ave. after the majority of the parade has passed.

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