Thursday, July 17, 2008

What fish are you?

The WWF claims to be able to tell what your inner fish is, then head over to their web page to find out. It turns out that I'm an Atlantic Cod. (Yeah, baby!) Just in case you can't read what it says, here it is:
Umlud, based on the results of the quiz, the fish you're closest to is a Atlantic Cod!

You are quite a resilient fish and always hungry! You can grow to between 6 and 25 lbs, and a few of your fellow cod have been recorded weighing in at nearly a whopping 200 lbs. You swim with your mouth open and will eat just about anything including starfish, crabs, squid, worms, and even young cod. A strong swimmer, you can be found anywhere from 70 to 700 feet deep in cooler Atlantic waters. Your color may range from a gray-green to a reddish brown and depending on how deep you swim and environment, you may even change color.

Even though you may be a resilient fish, you are not very quick and face the threat of overfishing. The fisherman is your number one predator, as you have been a popular food choice among many. Yuo may be found in the frozen food isle at the grocers and on plates in restaurants. While many people are working to limit the use of you in food items, your fisheries have been drastically overfished you're your populations are close to collapse.
Who knew?

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