Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Voting abroad

I saw a YouTube video for all Americans living abroad to vote. As a person growing up abroad, knowing that I could vote from abroad is nothing new. However, knowing that there are millions of Americans living abroad that want to vote who don't know about their right to do so.

This clip (and 72 others) show up on a search for vote from abroad democrat. There are 26 videos that show up on a search for vote from abroad republican. It seems right now that the Dems are out there trying to get expats to vote. (And based on the expats I know, many of them aren't too happy with administrations that are too inward-focused.) I don't know how much traction the current Republican Party has with expats, other than with the minority that are connected in the party. To tell the truth, I don't know how much traction the Democratic Party has with expats, either, but there is only my perception of how Americans living abroad feel about this current administration. However, based on the types of videos that show up from the search, I don't see any vids that are PSAs or statements from government officials urging American Republicans to vote from abroad, whereas the whole first page of results of from vote from abroad democrat were all related to messages urging Democrats abroad to vote.

If you happen to be an American living abroad, then I urge you to vote, either for the Dems or the Reps (or "third party). Hey, it's your country, too (no matter what others might say of it).

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