Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photos along a [short] part of the Ann Arbor railroad

Walking home the other night, it was very icy on the sidewalks, so I decided to take a walk along the railtracks running north through Ann Arbor. Since no one plows up there (and why would they need to?), the would not be any ice, and the snow would pack through the intersticies of the gravel lining the tracks making for surer footing than when there was no snow. I walked that path, and found that there was interesting things to photograph between the snow and the lighting.

"OdaT" and Sponge-Bob eyes on the Washington Street rail bridge.

An icy Huron Street looking east toward Ashley St and Main St.

Sodium lighting on Pabst Blue Heart on the Felch Street rail bridge. Fluorescent lighting for a warehouse parking lot in the background off-sets the headlights of a single car traveling down from Main Street.

Me playing silly-buggers with the camera. (Not photoshopped, btw)

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