Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow in Ann Arbor

Thanks to La Nina weather this year, look out for lots of cold(er) weather and (possibly) more snow than much of last winter. Yesterday, I took some snaps of the nice fluffy white stuff as it fell in moderate amounts (~2 inches) on Ann Arbor. (Since I'm one of those annoying people who likes to take flash-less photos in dim light without a tripod, some of them are slightly blurry. I apologise for the lack of ultimate clarity that is the limitation of the steadiness of my arm and the resolution capability of my Canon A590.) This morning, too, I took some more photos around campus of the white stuff (with very few of the student-type people walking about due to exams).

Here we can see the Michigan Theatre marquee being changed by hand. During the summer it always looks like the suction-cup used to do this doesn't work because of the heat and humidity. Last night it didn't look like it was working because of the cold, ice, and snow. Michigan, eh? Can't really work one way or another.

Still, though, the lit-up marquees of the Michigan and the State theaters do make that end of Liberty Street look quite nice in the falling snow. (Didn't hurt that there weren't any cars on the roads blinding my camera.) All of this happened while I was ensconced in my cubicle at the English Language Institute from 9AM until 7PM. (It was an interesting day there, since the thermostats thought the building was at 90F and so kept turning on the AC, even though the actual temperature was closer to 50F. It eventually got fixed - at about 3PM.) Still, walking in to work: no snow. Walking out of work: SNOW!

I've always liked the old buildings in downtown Ann Arbor, and with the snow falling, I thought that it would be interesting to try and capture two of them that flank an alleyway. The building on the left houses the Acme Supply Company (just like in the cartoons), and the one on the right houses a used collector's book store (the name of which escapes me at the present time).

The Felch Street bridge looking westward (ish). I took one of the photos from a previous post from on top of this bridge. Good views up to it, and good views down from it.
 Walking along the railroad, I saw these tall skeletons of weeds standing in the snow. Looking like botanical stalagmites, I took photos of them. Unfortunately, all of them turned out to be blurry (this is the best of the batch).


Anonymous said...

do you really want to 'kill' me with these gorgeous pictures which almost make me cry...!!!

many kisses here

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I recommend this webcam:

Umlud said...

But the photo quality of that webcam is not as good as my camera. ;)