Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comment on a comment

I was reading the Detroit Free Press this morning and saw this:

Stimulus joke

What a joke, this stimulus package of Obama's. It amounts to $400 per person -- a person who has been working all year and providing something to our economy. What is $400 in today's economy?
Jere Olson
Okay so Jere is thinking this whole thing is pointless, but what the heck is that dollar-figure from? $400/person? He can't be doing straight math here, because:

$787,000,000,000/303,824,640 people = $2590/person.

So we know that he's not doing straight division (plus, doing a straight division based on all people in the US is a very conservative number, since I assume that the population figure includes minors who are unlikely to be employed in this stimulus package). However, looking at the stimulus plan, I can't figure out where Jere's getting to his $400/person figure.

This guy seriously needs some simple algebra, or he needs to be a little more specific on how he reached his number.

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