Friday, February 06, 2009

Walking directions on Google.

So... Google Maps has these two new tabs for helping people find directions from A to B (and/or C, D, etc.): by car, by public transit, and walking. The public transit option doesn't work in all locations, since public transportation might not be available, or they haven't organized with Google to have their schedule and routes online. However, the walking option works ... in most cases (remembering, that it is trying to optimize one's trip for time, not distance). I just asked it to give me walking directions from St. Andrews, UK to London, UK, and it told me to take a ferry from Rosyth in Dunfermline & West Fife (aka, Fife, Scotland) to Zeebrugge (Belgium), walk a few miles, and then take another ferry from Oostende (Belgium) to Ramsgate in Kent (England)!

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