Sunday, August 23, 2009

Carying an axe in my pannier

Carying an axe in my pannier
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I wanted to split some wood for winter firewood, but the axe was in serious need of sharpening. Without a car, though, it was going to be difficult to get it to the farmers' market for sharpening.

However, with a bit of rope and the help of my panniers I was able to get the axe over to the blade sharpener's at the market. I wonder, though, what people were thinking as they drove past me on the road.

The axe is nice and sharp now, and log splitting is quite easy, at least for the softwoods. I'll have to get a wedge for splitting the hardwoods, though. ... and if I'm going to get a splitter wedge, I'll also have to get a sledgehammer, I suppose.

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