Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cycled to Dexter

Mill Creek outlet
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Today I decided to take a trip out to Dexter. My main reason was to take an updated photo of the Mill Creek outlet, since someone wrote to me, saying that the bridge was almost completed, and I thought, "Hm... I should go out there and see what it looks like, and see if I can look at the amount of erosion (through the back-sedimentation) taking place."

One problem with my trip, though, is that - unlike when I was living in town - I could not easily get over to Huron River Drive to cycle along the river back and forth from Dexter, and the quickest way to get there is to take Dexter-Ann Arbor Road. Of course, I decided not to follow the directions given online, so instead of taking Dexter-Ann Arbor Road, I went the extra bit and took Miller instead. (Stupid choice, since both roads intersect anyway as one goes toward Dexter.)

I stopped in for lunch at the Lighthouse Cafe - eggs benedict with hashbrowns - and then stopped to watch the Dexter fire department put out a fire at the drugstore (ooh, exciting!) before getting some coffee and cycling back home along Huron River Drive.

The trip back from Dexter was a leisurely 45 minutes. The total distance was 27.9 km, and I was back before 2PM. The new bike works well, but the only thing I would like aerobars (or additions) to allow me to lean down to cycle with a little less wind resistance than my current more-upright position gives... or maybe some dropbars instead.

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