Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BP gas station boycotts

The other day, as I was cycling home, I noticed that a local BP gas station had absolutely no cars filling up on gas, let alone queuing up to get gas. In Ann Arbor, there aren't too many BP gas stations, but the company's franchises have book-ended the downtown portion of Main Street, having one on the corner of William and Main, and another on the corner of Catherine and Main, and there are no other gas stations between them. BP also has gas stations near the highway entrances (Plymouth Road & M14/US23, Washtenaw Ave & US23, Jackson Road & I-94, and State Street & I-94) around town. In other words, they have very good coverage around the city of Ann Arbor.

However, I wondered about whether the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster would be having negative impacts on this company's gas station revenue (i.e., if it was "hitting them at the pump", so to speak). According to a recent report from NPR (cited on Treehugger), this seems to be the case:

Oil giant BP PLC is floating a financial lifeline to the owners, operators and suppliers of the gas stations around America that bear its name and have been struggling because of boycotts prompted by the Gulf spill.
The head of a trade group that represents distributors of BP gasoline in the U.S. told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the company is informing outlets that they will be getting cash in their pockets, reductions in credit card fees and help with more national advertising.
How about in your neck of the world? Do you notice a dearth of activity at your local BP gas station?

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