Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fingerprints: gone and now back.

During my recent trip to Chile, I managed to singe the finger tips of my middle and index fingers of my right hand. While this meant that my fingers really hurt, due to the burning. Now, I don't know of it was a first-degree burn, or a second-degree burn, but it really, really, really hurt.

Burnt finger tips

I was concerned (perhaps unnecessarily) how this would affect my fingerprint recognition software that I use on my computer. After returning to Concepcion, I fired up the computer, and although my middle finger was unreadable to the computer, the index finger still worked. (Luckily, I had set up fingerprint recognition profiles for all ten fingers, but I actually use my right middle and index fingers the most often.)

After a few days, the middle finger worked, too (although it was still a little discolored where it got burned). Lucky me, I suppose.

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