Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Over 400 miles cycled since the start of July

I've cycled over 470 miles since the start of July -- when I started recording them on the 2 mile challenge. For most of those miles, I had a GPS unit strapped to my bike, keeping track of not just distance, but also location.

While my trips to North Campus were done sans GPS, I don't have those marks on the map. However, I did manage to remember to have the GPS unit with me for 370 of my total miles (yeah, I know that I didn't carry the thing with me for what amounts to around 100 miles of trips, but what can I say?).

Still, as amazing (to me) as the number 470 miles sounds, it works out to an average of 10 miles per weekday (470 miles/9 weeks = 52.2 miles/week = 10.4 miles/weekday), which is about 3 miles more per day than a mere round trip to work.

Perhaps I will take a trip to Dexter (to the WNW) or even around the North Campus area...

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