Friday, September 03, 2010

Photos of Ann Arbor at the end of summer

The Labor Day weekend is looming, and with that the return of the 25,000 undergraduates to campus. The town is still celebrating the summer, while also trying to entice the spending of the parents of many of those returning students. It's nice to walk through town and see some of these more musical and colorful enticements that mark the end of an Ann Arbor summer.

Jazz performers outside Ann


Even when it's rainy, you know that the start of the new fall semester is about to begin... with the practices going on in the athletic fields. (Okay, there aren't that many people out practicing right now, but there are some plays being run out there.)
AA railroad, viewed from the Stadium bridge


Anonymous said...

what's the address of the first picture?
i don't see where it could be

Umlud said...

It's on the northeast corner of Liberty and 5th Ave, 301 E. Liberty St.

Anonymous said...


missing AA a lot (and other things related to it)