Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stadium Bridge construction

Shortly after Thanksgiving 2011, the Stadium Bridge was closed for demolition, underground insfrastructure upgrades/repairs, and rebuilding, and it's supposed to be re-opened in late 2012. Since I live on the west side of town (well... technically just outside of town), I used to use Stadium Blvd. to travel to the Trader Joe's. However, with this bridge reconstruction, I am no longer able to make the trip without having to take major detours, and if I want to stay on bike-laned roads, I basically have to cycle all the way to Main Street, and then jump onto Packard to take that spur out to where it connects up to Stadium on the other side of the bridge construction.

Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of that option, even though it only adds 1/3 mile to the trip, mainly because I feel like I am always competing against the cars as I cycle down Packard. Oh well...

Anywho... I recently went down to TJ's, since I was going to be in the area, but I forgot to bring my camera to take photos of the bridgeworks. However, luckily, the city of Ann Arbor was smart enough to make sure that someone take periodic photos of the work and post them online.

This aerial photo of a partially demolished structure (they are going to demo the portion over the railway later) really struck home for me the impact that the bridge has:

More photos and info about the progress of the construction at Ann Arbor Bridges.

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