Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday Musings: ZOMG! Obama is disrespecting the flag!!! (Or maybe not so much.)

From (Did Obama Violate US Flag Code?):
By now, we’re pretty much used to this creepy, narcissistic cult of personality merchandise from Team Obama. But does this print violate the United States Flag Code, which clearly states in part…”The flag must not be marked with any insignia, letter, word, signature, picture or drawing.” …

If this were Mitt Romney putting his “R” logo in place of our stripes, the media would be in Armageddon mode right now over how egotistical the move is and how incompetent any campaign must be to sell something that so clearly violates the flag code of the United States…

On a personal note, to see a sitting president replace the stars of our stars and stripes with his own campaign logo is simply depressing. At the very least, couldn’t our president be the kind of man who would shudder at the sight of such a thing?
Here's the amazingly horrible no good flag from the Obama campaign:

I'm sorry, but if that is marking a flag "with any insignia, letter, word, signature, picture, or drawing", then there ought to be a similar outcry about how Reagan and Bush desecrated the flag in 1984:

ZOMG!!! Why did Reagan and Bush violate the Flag Code?!?! ... and why does Palin hate the flag, too?

And Lincoln was soooo dishonoring the flag when he ran for president:

Of course, this is all in addition to all the times that Christians disrespect the flag code (like here, here, and here). And let's not forget these other disrespectful activities, too.

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