Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I thought I lived in Michigan!

So.... I am wondering. Why is it being so darn hot these days? The tempting answer is (especially for me - "the enviro") global warming. However, I also know that global warming (aka climate change) is something that is a change in the overall state of areas' climates. So. Does an actual high temperature of 79F on March 26, 2007 mean anything?

Well, it does mean that I got too hot to deal with my growing hair and decided that it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. I am likely to post photos of this strange process later. But other than that?

Does the fact that the temperature was 6F higher than the previous record count? Does it matter that the average low for this time of year was only 1F higher than the actual low from yesterday?

Well, as the graphic shows, the weather channel's online service needs to have a better graphic for when the record high is shattered.

Other than those observations, I can't say anything about how yesterday's temperatures has anything to do with global warming. (As much as I might like to.)

Still. Yesterday was way too hot for it to be considered by any stretch of the imagination as "in the normal range." (At least I can't stretch my imagination that far.)

Hopefully, the thunderstorms that are forecast for today actually cool this blasted heat off. And to think that the University still hasn't shut off its steam generators for heating the buildings. After all, why should they? IT'S MARCH!

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