Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On my way home I saw a bird...

It's sometimes good to have a camera in your pocket. Take today: was walking home, I saw a group of people standing around, looking at the ground, near a tree on campus. "Oops," I thought. "A squirrel has probably fallen out of the tree, and everyone's looking at it." I got closer, and noticed that there was something larger than a squirrel on the ground. It was a hawk.

It turns out that, yes, there was also a squirrel (or what remained of one) on the ground, and that the hawk had effectively torn it out of the tree before slamming it to the ground and killing it. It had been at it for about an hour, according to a bystander who had been watching the whole thing.

Since I don't normally see hawks around, I decided to take some photos.

In additional photographic news, the continued destruction of the Frieze Building continues (the old A2 High School).

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