Monday, February 08, 2010


Monday morning. No snow yet, but the forecasts all call for snow starting tomorrow (2-4 inches) followed by more snow tomorrow night (5-7 inches). I saw this following YouTube video on another site, and it made me realize a few things:

1. Keeping the trains going is a hard thing when there's a lot of snow.
2. I never got to see such snowstorms while living in the UK, and
3. Considering the state of British Rail when I was living there, I think that #2 is a good thing.

At times, I really do wish that there was a trolley option to get into town; a trolley going down Liberty Road all the way to the Meijer on Zeeb (or further west) would not be something that I would complain about, especially if it would allow me to get into town with much less fuss on days like Wednesday is likely to become.

Via ScreenOnline:
Snow was Geoffrey Jones' first film for British Transport Films (BTF) but it owes its existence to a happy twist of fate. In September 1962 Jones began his research for a film about design for the British Railways Board. Armed with a 16mm camera, he travelled throughout the country, shooting film 'notes' of anything he found particularly interesting.

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