Saturday, February 27, 2010

Learning about the earthquake in Chile

Today, just as we were leaving for the town of Samaipata and the ancient "fort" there, Rafa got a phone call about the 8.8 degree quake that hit Chile at 3:30 this morning. Obviously, this meant that we immediately started trying to call or get in contact with her friends and family in Chile. I have been trying to call using Skype to some of her family members as we sit in the Lorca cafe (it's a lot easier and nice to call from a cafe instead of a phone booth). This whole thing reminds me of when my brother was in Kobe during the 1997 quake (he was okay - having gone to Kyoto) and during the 9/11 attack on NYC (again, he was okay - not yet having left his house in NJ). I sincerely hope that all of Rafys' family is okay today.

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