Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why isn't the IOC studying the impacts of climate change?

I went over to the IOC website and found nothing with the searches of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change". If the IOC wants to actually continue existing (especially wrt the Winter Olympics) they should at minimum be doing some investigations of the impacts that climate change will have on the future of outdoor sports.

Even IF climate change isn't happening, no one can argue that winter and summer weather in the past few years has been "odd" in many places around the world. These "oddities" will have knock-on impacts on how the Olympics will be and can be hosted, and as a sporting organization based on outdoor sports (i.e., only a relatively few number of events are indoor), it is strange that they aren't doing any research into this possible [near-]future issue.

We think about the lack of snow in Vancouver this year, but what about increased summer temperatures? Remember the problems with heat during the past summer Olympic games? Being too hot during the summer can be as detrimental as being too warm in the winter.

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