Thursday, March 04, 2010

Leaving Copacabana!

Cross on Calvary HillAfter climbing up and down the Cerro Calvario, we stopped by Plaza Sucre to see if any buses were ready to go to La Paz. The first said, "No. Not until 6AM." There we went to one of the tour-bus companies and learned that a bus to La Paz would be leaving at 6:30PM tonight. This was good news and we were happy to pay a little more so that we wouldn't be stuck in Copacabana another day. We did learn that La Cupula hotel does accept VISA so we didn't have to worry about running out of cash. However, it was $24 per night (double room, shared bath), and if we didn't have to do it, that would be brilliant. (Our stay at the Hotel Paris was roughly $11 for a triple room with private bath, but they didn't accept cash, and we were down to our last 100 Bs.)

Backpackers waiting for the bus to La PazBefore returning to the Plaza Sucre at around 6PM, we saw a horde of tourists waiting to get on to the gathered buses - backpackers (nearly) all. Rafys and I waited in front of the tourism group office and were eventually told to get onto a large (slightly older) tour bus. Once on the bus (we somehow scored front-row seats), I overheard someone say that the cabs of the city were flooding into the plaza in order to block us in (and halt us from breaking the strike).

However, at 6:45, we have (miraculously) set off!

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