Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liquid rescaling = awesome!

I saw a reference to Liquid Rescaling online and didn't know what it was. However, it was something that was possibly quite cool, so I chose to look it up. And - at least to my thoughts - it seem quite cool, too, resizing images while keeping the visual "nature" of the images natural-looking.

Although it is cool, it may be interesting to think about how this kind of resizing technology can change the nature of what is "real." I mean, when one resizes a photograph using this technology, the perspective of the image changes, and (depending on the nature of the photo) possibly alters the content of the photograph. This seamless alteration of the content of an image means that "photographic evidence" (already suffering from the ease of PhotoShop and other photo-alteration images) becomes less a capture of reality.

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