Monday, March 01, 2010

Sitting passively in on conversations

I just finished hanging the washing (colgando la lavenderia) and (before that) taking a late tea. Again, I was a passive observer, partly because a lot of the conversation was about the aftermath of the earthquake (terremoto) in Concepcion, things that I wouldn't be able to add to. Also, perhaps due to the altitude, I am prematurely tired this evening, regardless that I drank a very strong cup of coffee.

Rafa and her aunt are both waiting for some sort of news from Conce, and are now watching the newscast out of Chile, which has been reporting on the continuing vandalism (and not possible arson) in the city. I am happy that Rafys is not there, but at the same time, I wish she weren't held hostage by the events.

In a call to my mother earlier today, she expressed concern for Rafaela and her family, but was very stressed that we might have thought that we should go down there to help. Although I would like to do so if there was a serious need, I have a feeling that we would just be two more people that wouldn't be making much of a help in the situation. Therefore, we will continue with our trip, free of the worries of earthquakes on the one hand, and being even held hostage to the lack of personal communication coming out of Chile (and more specifically Concepcion).

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