Friday, April 02, 2010

Yakult vs. Ya Cool

I was at La Tienda Libertad yesterday, purchasing some chorizo, and saw - in the refrigerator - something that looked a lot like the Yakult "pro-biotic" drink that I had when growing up in Japan. It was in the same shape of container, the same color of liquid, and nearly the same name: Ya Cool.

After bringing this drink home, it proved to have the same taste as I remembered from my youth. So my question: is Ya Cool the same as Yakult? (And does Yakult have a possible lawsuit for copyright infringement?)

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Anonymous said...

Ya Cool is similar to Yakult in that it contains millions of live probiotic cultures. It lacks the patented "shirota" bacteria that is in all Yakult products.

Because there is no patent to protect and no health claims to be liable for, Ya Cool can market its product at a fraction of the cost.

The biggest difference is price. Ya Cool has been on the market for many years without problem.