Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hidden charges from "MVQ*PRIVACYMATT"

I was looking through my accounts online today and found the following: "MVQ*PRIVACYMATT 888" as an abbreviated description of a charge of $16.95 that had apparently been attached as a monthly charge to my account.

After doing a Google search, I discovered from the Complaints Board website that it was actually a bill from "Privacy Matters 123," and that their telephone number is 888-239-0316. I was told that I had actually signed up for the service when I purchased something on another site, and that I had been paying for several months. However, they were more than willing to refund me the money. Their non-plussed attitude made it seem to me that this was not something that came as a surprise to them, and unlike other places where trying to get money back is like wringing blood out of a stone, they were more than happy to say that they would refund me the money and cancel my service.

I will see in 4-7 business days whether this actually happened. If I don't see the money deposited in my account, I suppose I, too, will be writing to the BBB about this group.

UPDATE: I just checked my bank statement, and I did receive all the months of refunds that I asked for and was promised. So at least I don't have to follow up with this company, which was perhaps the easiest group to get a refund from.


Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much to you for me finally being able to find something out about this. The exact same, I mean the exact same details happened to me in the exact same order. And I will be doing the same thing. Thanks
so much...!!!

Umlud said...

Good to know that I could help. And (as I just found out), they DID refund the money that they promised.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me. I had clicked on something and was going to sign up but i canceled because it said it didnt go through. Come to find out it did and i got charged twice. I called for a refund and they only refunded me for one charge not both. I was very upset but glad they refunded at least one charge.

Anonymous said...

I want to DOUBLE my thanks to you on solving my headache of trying to find out who/what "pvq*privacymatt" is on my bank statement ~~

I contacted them today, and all is now cancelled ~!~ Thank you so much ~!~ We truly need more watch dogs as your self in these matters~~!!~~