Thursday, July 29, 2010

A simple way to help the Gulf Coast: add your name to the petition

I was #119971 to sign the "Be the One" petition to help clean up the Gulf Coast.

[Video removed due to apparent greenwashing attempts.]

Although I have never been to the Gulf of Mexico, I know that it is an essential part of the United States' economy as well as the local livelihoods and ways of life. It is also a place with now-critical ecosystems that need help. Therefore, although I might not ever eat a Louisiana oyster, dive in that blue stretch of the world's surface, nor catch fish out of those waters, I do believe that action is necessary to keep it safe for those who will do so in the future, to help those who do so today, and to prove tho those who came before us that we are not destroying their legacy.

UPDATE: Just after I signed the petition below, I learned that this whole thing is a greenwashing campaign, funded by the American Petroleum Institute. Okay, maybe you shouldn't show your support for a front group for the API, but still, you can write to your congress critter (rep or sen) to let him or her know that you want to help protect and restore the Gulf Coast.

So: don't sign the petition. Do contact your rep and sen to let them know that you would like some action, please, and please do so with all haste.

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