Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun backyard parties are fun

I like the backyard party. As an institution I like them, partly because of the camaraderie that they instill, partly because of the filling (and often very tasty) food that you get, and partly because of the (often) welcome weather that brings out the best in people. All these were in force in the backyard party that I went to yesterday: the first in the spring, and what a "spring" day it was, too. Warm (uncommonly so) and sunny, yet not too hot to just lounge around and chat in the yard. (Of course, it was quite warm enough by my standards for cycling through to Ypsilanti and back, but that's another story.)

It was great, too, to catch up with friends and get to meet people from other walks of life (okay: most of them were graduate students, but many were from other departments). It was great to sit and eat and chat, catch up, bullshit, and do it all over again after you were dong with your plate of food.

The weather turned colder as I left, the weather dropping from a high of 71F (with 10 of the previous 11 days having record temperatures) down to 50F. It was actually nice to ride through the cool northerly winds. They actually made my bike ride home a little more enjoyable since I could try to take my bike a little harder, pushing it just a little bit more, since I didn't have to worry too much about getting sweaty on this last leg of my long-is (34 miles) round trip to Ypsi.

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