Friday, March 16, 2012

Storm washouts in Saginaw Forest

The berm that acts as a pathway between the south and north sides of the property and runs along the western property line has washed away (again).

There are also some other areas where the trail has been somewhat eroded:

... and the roadway is becoming (again) gully-city:

And all that erosion has stained the water,

...and it's still coming out of the creek looking like milk-tea.

On the plus side, the lake seems to be draining nicely, dropping about 10 inches over the past 14 hours. (That's a loss of roughly 0.6 acre-feet/hour.*)

Buuut... it's getting very humid out there, what with all the sun and lack of much cloud cover. Who knows: it might dry out relatively quickly and the frogs might have infiltrated into the standing pools in sufficient numbers to eat up lots of the mosquito larvae. (See? I can be optimistic.)

*Assuming Third Sister Lake is 10 acres.

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