Saturday, April 21, 2012

A part of me wants this bike trailer...

When I first had my bike put together, I had thought that I wanted to have a cargo-bike, or at least a sturdy bike that would do all the things that I would want from a bike-as-sole-mode-of-transportation. Therefore, I got the one that I currently own. It's a good bike - don't get me wrong - but it suffers from a major weight problem, due (in no small part) to the study design. Ah well: it's my own fault, I suppose. Still, a part of me thinks that I might change the bike racks for a bike trailer, and I've been looking at several fro some time now. None of them really make me want to go: yes! So I guess that it's just mental spit-balling at this point.

Well, there's another bike trailer that is catching my eye, and for completely different reasons: the Midget Bushtrekka:

Just what a part of me thinks about when I am thinking, "trailer." What's so special about this trailer is that (discounting whatever you might be thinking due to the colors on the bike) it is a camping trailer for bikes!
It's got all the things that one person would need to go camping, including a single-person tent. Still, seeing as the amount of camping that I've done out in Michigan has been.... none, I don't really see me using this contraption, so at least I know that I won't be spending the $900.00 on the thing. Still, it looks like it would be fun (provided I actually did camp). And it couldn't get too heavy, since there's not a huge amount of space to put things.

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