Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring cycling

IMG_2726Last Sunday - Earth Day - I cycled up to Hudson Mills Metro Park and trundled about over there. On the way up, I went through Dexter, and I found that the re-building from the tornado is going apace. Also, the stream bank restoration along the mouth of Mill Creek (thanks to the removal of the dam and replacement of the bridge a few years ago).

I think that in a few years, the boardwalk along the bank will look really quite cool. Perhaps, too, this pathway will be a spur to the B2B trail, and it could - eventually - be connected to Hudson Mills MetroPark, too... and then up to the Lakelands Trail State Park. That would make it really easy to trail ride from Ann Arbor to Pinkney to Whitmore Lake and then back south to Ann Arbor.

But looking at this, photo, that's going to be at least a few years out. Right now it's just dirt and a partial boardwalk. Hopefully there won't be a lot of invasive species that take over the banks. We'll see, though...

I also took the following photo of a river-stone house, which is somewhat typical of the traditional building method of the region. (Hey, if you don't have ought but riverstone, then you gotta make do.)

The spring weather was still a little cool, good for not getting overheated. At the beginning of the filming of the video, I thought that it would be probably be cool if I got a helmet camera. It would make the filming of such videos a lot less dangerous.

Oh, and I also saw a turquoise frog... Strange looking frog...
... not at all what I was thinking would be in Michigan.


myblackfriendsays said...

Hey I just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to respond.

You are right, I have seen a Yao Ming commericial before. I have a memory of one where he goes around to all these different places (maybe in new york?) and says something and it's funny. Great description, I know ;)

Ok, since I am a nerd I went to Youtube and looked it up. It's the visa commercial when he wants to write a check.

However, don't remember any Kristi Yamaguchi commercials. Regardless, I stand corrected.

Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you'll continue to do both in the future (:

Umlud said...

Maybe I was more attuned to Yamaguchi's commercials, because I'm part-Japanese, and I was living in Japan at the time. (Where she was given a certain amount of popular interest, as well. Not huge amounts, but more than almost any non-Japanese Olympian.)