Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weather: bleaugh

The weather is SUPPOSED to get warmer. We shall see... (currently 37F, but it FEELS like 29F.) Slightly windy. Perfect! This is good weather.

(The "bleaugh" is just my mood right now.)

Webcomic review 1: Okay so I read webcomics. Fine. I know that there are better ways of spending my time. However, I choose to not follow them. In this and future blogs, I will go through some of the (many) webcomics that I have deemed suitable (for various reasons) for me to read. The first one is Accidental Centaurs by John Lotshaw. Apart from having a bias positive regard toward John's last name (hahahaha, bad joke), I feel that this strip is a nice piece of fantasy comedy, and isn't a dark, violent, gory, erotic, super-sarcastic, and/or geeky comic. It isn't manga-esque or a super hero comic, but features two centaurs (Alex and Samantha) that were originally human scientists from earth and are now caught in another dimension where they meet a genie called Lenny that transforms their perceptions of themselves (and you, the reader) to that of centaurs from Greek myth. They go through some adventures, but since the comic is updates only semi-weekly, each adventure might take a year or more to get through (going through the archives is a better way of getting a feel of each entire plot arc). John's pacing seems to be a little slow for my liking at times, but he still makes the ride a good one.

There is usually some amount of time that passes between adventures, so you pick up with Alex and Samantha in a place that usually has little to do with where the previous story line took place. Additionally, there has been a couple cross-over plot lines with The Wotch (coming up in a later post), and a few guest artists have also contributed work.

Final review: I like it! You should check it out.

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