Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weather: Changeable.

It appears that the Ross Business School's Davidson Hall is to be demolished as part of the $300 million redevelopment process. The trucks are out and ready to start the destruction! I took some last photos of the place before it goes bye-bye and all that is left is rubble. I wondered when this will happen, what will the new building would look like, if it would be LEED design, how this might hurt the school's short-term enrollment, or cause more people to come to an expanding program. All questions were mostly answered at the "Community Creation" page at the Ross School of Business. Lots of pictures of what the thing looks like, including information about their fitness center!?!

I also include a photo of one of the sorority buildings overshadowed by the South Quad dorm. I just like the photo.

Also, Bank1One is now Chase! (The ATM is being measured to fit. It turns out that most of it is plastic - just like the H2!)

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