Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weather: Sunny

I went to the farmer’s market, A2’s PFC, and Eastern Accents Café. At the market, I picked up some leafy greens from Brines Farm (fantastic salad mix, arugula, and spinach). ** As a side-note, MS Word 2002 doesn't include "arugula" in its spell-checker **

On the way to the farmer’s market, I saw city workers cutting down a tree near the “Y”. I didn’t ask why they were doing it, but if it was like many of the trees there, it was some sort of maple (so it wasn’t because of the emerald ash borer). It was likely damaged by the heavy winds we’ve been having recently. Still, to have four large trucks come to take down the smallest tree on the block seemed a little overkill to me. That they spray-painted a blue "X" on the side of the tree facing the street before starting to cut does, however, make it seem more (erm) in line with what I would expect from the city.

At Eastern Accents, Curt and I were given the privilege of briefly hosting a drunk in a puffy jacket for a few minutes before he realized that:

1) he couldn’t draw in his state of inebriation (he was apparently trying to draw a woman’s face, but couldn’t get past drawing just the eyes), and

2) he wasn’t going to get much more from us than near-rapt attention at the nonsequitor of his presence (after all, it’s not every Saturday morning that you have a drunk join your table at an near-empty café).

I’m also including some photos of Ann Arbor’s lovely City Hall that I took on my way to the market. It seems to be a building lost in time. I say this because, given the right building materials and planning, the design would have been awe-inspiring, as the building would appear to defy gravity; a triangular wedge standing on its point. Instead, we have something that tried to make an attempt at this in planning, utterly failed somewhere during the construction phase, and now sits sullen and alone in the middle of its asphalt parking lot. Ladies and gentlemen: the city hall building of Ann Arbor.

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