Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weather: PhD Potluck-y

Thanks Dave (and Lekha) for hosting this month's PhD potluck. I've never been to such a successful one (and met so many PhD students from outside SNRE)!

I learned many different things tonight. The first one being that Paducah, KY was the glue that holds all of us together (who would have thought that such a small town would have independently come up in four different conversations). By the end of the night, we had established that Paducah was central in many critical points in the world's history.

Another thing that we all learned was that the best way of getting a good rent while in town is to "get to know" your landlord/lady a little bit better.

I learned that Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are separated by about 60 miles, and 2000 years, and reminded of the story of Isaac's birthrights, teaching me that one should never judge a son by the hairyness of his arm.

Finally, I learned about, which is apparently a great way of getting rid of stuff that you don't want, don't know how to get rid of, and don't necessarily want/need to sell. I will have to check out this site, see if there is anything that a poor grad student such as myself can get my grubby little hands on.

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